WWF Missing Emojis

To engage the digital screen addicts to care more about wildlife animals, 
we took away something that's very dear to them: their animal Emojis.
Awards: Wave Festival 2015 & Young Guns Awards 2015.


How to encourage people to donate to WWF?
There's only thing they care more about than themselves: their animal Emojis.
So we removed the wildlife Emoji's from the
world's  Unicode Character Database to teach them a lesson.


We created posters as a part of the campaign, to get the conversation going.


We introduced the hashtag #MISSINGEMOJI and let people talk about it on social media


72 hours later, on Earth Day, we brought the missing Emojis back
and introduced the campaign to get people to download the WWF Emoji Keyboard.


Magazine ads to advertise the new keyboards that were sold to
 raise money to fund projects that saves wild animals lives.



Creative Director: Alex Ohanessian // Publicis
Art Director: Bruno Calçada
Copywriters: Carlos Arguello & Locki Choi