Bruno Calçada


M&M'S brought a whole new flavor of fun to New York's Times Square by transforming iconic billboards in the famous square into an innovative,
augmented reality experience. The release of the caramel flavor was marked by the nostalgia of arcade games and creation of the ARcade experience. 



MMSCaramel_01 (1).jpg


To date, the program has generated over 392MM traditional media and social impressions. More than 26,000 consumers and passerbys came by Times Square on May 11th to interact with the M&M'S Arcade experience. During and after the M&M'S ARcade event, Influencers iJustine, Josh Leyva, and Kevin Droniak posted 20+ times across social platforms using the hashtag #UnsquareCaramel to raise excitement among their audiences.





Crash the square caramels to get points as they fall from the sky. Avoid the M&M'S!


Collect the caramel guys to create the longest line of M&M'S lentils, don't touch the barriers!


Using the arrows move the cannon and shoot M&M'S lentils at the caramels that fall from the sky!




In a partnership with Spotify, Coca-Cola promoted its new 250ml cans
by turning them into digital jukeboxes playing the most recent chart-topping songs with Blippar. 


Over 75,000 unique users interacted with the cans, outperforming Coke's earlier on-pack QR code campaign by 300%.



Kindle Sitting Library
An installation that helps people to read more. When you sit down, you get a free book to read. 
Awards: New York Festivals 2015, Wave Festival 2015 & Top Dog 2014.


Unfortunately, a lot of people don't read so often.
How can Kindle encourage people to read more?

We created an installation that gives them the best opportunity to read, when they are seated.
Introducing Kindle Sitting Library: A virtual library that access you when you sit down.

When you sit down, you get a screen on your phone asking if you want to read a book for free.


We use iBeacon and bluetooth technology, so there's no need to have internet.
So it works in park, subways, buses and many other places.


The books are related by the area you are at, so you feel inside of the story you are reading.


With this installation, we saw an opportunity to help new writers to release their books. 
They can submit them to out website and choose the locations related to the stories.
The best new books will be added to the library, where people can rank and share them.


We created the world's first virtual library that comes to you.
Kindle Sitting Library, accessing you when you can read.



Creative Director: Alex Ohanessian // Publicis
Art Directors: Bruno Calçada & Andrea Sabbatini



To engage the digital screen addicts to care more about wildlife animals, 
we took away something that's very dear to them: their animal Emojis.
Awards: Wave Festival 2015 & Young Guns Awards 2015.


How to encourage people to donate to WWF?
There's only thing they care more about than themselves: their animal Emojis.
So we removed the wildlife Emoji's from the
world's  Unicode Character Database to teach them a lesson.


We created posters as a part of the campaign, to get the conversation going.


We introduced the hashtag #MISSINGEMOJI and let people talk about it on social media


72 hours later, on Earth Day, we brought the missing Emojis back
and introduced the campaign to get people to download the WWF Emoji Keyboard.


Magazine ads to advertise the new keyboards that were sold to
 raise money to fund projects that saves wild animals lives.



Creative Director: Alex Ohanessian // Publicis
Art Director: Bruno Calçada
Copywriters: Carlos Arguello & Locki Choi


To promote the launch of the new Spider-Man: Homecoming movie we turned the packages of General Mills products into AR game scenes. Become Spider-Man and fight Vulture in 4 different locations and in 3 different levels.

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 11.46.35 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 11.49.41 AM.png



General Mills
Marvel Studios
Andrea Sabbatini




The Ultimate Snacks for the Ultimate Fans
Blippar and Kellogg's have teamed up to create AR experiences that bring ultimate fans closer to the game. By scanning boxes of Pringles &
Cheez-It products using the Blippar app, fans can interact with different games and experiences curated to their favorite teams.


College Football


March Madness



An immersive virtual reality experience to take every Olympic viewer inside the Rio 2016 games.

Everyone wants to be part of the games, but we are not all athletes.
What if you could feel like one?  Experience what an athlete does during a live game. 

Introducing Olympic Frames,  an immersive experience to take every Olympic viewer inside the Olympic games. 


Viewers can get virtual reality headsets, provided by Google cardboard, 
and join these athletes as they compete.  

By downloading the Olympic Frames app,
they can see through the eyes of Olympians; live. 


Choose your country, sport and even specific athlete to follow through the games.  


Athletes will attach V 360 cameras to their helmets, recording every Olympic moment live.  
The V 360 cameras will not only record what each athlete is viewing
but also their entire surroundings, giving viewers a 360 degree experience to explore. 


Olympic Frames, taking you inside the Olympics like never before.



Creative Director: Mike Long // Droga5
Art Director: Bruno Calçada
Copywriter: Kevin Breen


Take virtual tours with local tour guides using the Periscope App.

When you go on vacation you want to see everything the destination has to offer.  
The sights, culture and experiences that are more than just tourist traps. 
The best way to get this full experience is by exploring
through the eyes of those who know it best, the local people. 


TripAdvisor came up with a solution to give all travelers the opportunity to experience these local exclusivities. 
Using the live streaming app Periscope, in which users can watch and comment on video feeds,
they created Locallens.  Virtual tours created by locals from around the world. 


Locallens can be accessed from the Trip Advisor app.
Search through different destinations, then, using the Periscope app,
watch past tours or book your own virtual tour with a local guide.


While watching these local tours users can comment on the video
and ask questions about the area within the Periscope app.  
Before spending money on an expensive vacation, truly get to know the destination.  
The people, the accommodations and the secret spots that only locals know about. 


Locallens.  Explore the world before exploring the world.



Creative Director: Mike Long // Droga5
Art Director: Bruno Calçada
Copywriter: Kevin Breen


AIRBNB Pocket Change  
Awards: Future Lions 2015 (Shortlisted), New York Addy's 2015 & Wave Festival 2015.

When travelling abroad, accumulating coins can get annoying. 
They are heavy to carry and we look stupid trying to figure out their values. 
That's why we created Pocket Change.

Pocket Change is a box where you can put your coins and bills, at the end of each day.
The money goes straight to your Airbnb account, converted as credit for your next trip.


But guess what? Not only do you get credit,
but you're also helping to lower the daily rate for the next guest at that location. 


So instead of throwing coins away into wishing wells,
hoping to return to a city,  ensure it with Pocket Change. 



Creative Director: Alex Ohanessian // Publicis
Art Director: Bruno Calçada
Copywriters: Benjamin Degrave & Locki Choi


People don't go to movie theaters as often anymore, mostly because if have to spend money they want a more sociable experience. We created something that improves on that.

Karaoke meets the movies. Karaoke bars aren’t just for singing,
part of the fun is also having a private room. 
Cinette pairs that experience with going to the movies.


Every microtheater at Cinette is a unique experience. 


Each room is decorated by one of our partners,
allowing companies like Ikea and Pottery Barn to show off their products,
and you to have a unique experience.


Each microtheater is equipped with high quality projectors,
so movies can be enjoyed the way they were intended.


You can watch current movies, tv shows, football, or anything you like.
You can order special drinks and food, right from our iPad menus.


Choose to just watch the movie, or get the whole movie experience, including themed food and drinks!


When it's time to pay, you pay by the time you spent there and what you consumed. 
It's also very easy to split with your friends.



Creative Director: Rachel Diesel // Sumday & Tom Ajello // Makeable
Art Director: Bruno Calçada 
Copywriter: Margaret Webber



Ctrl Copying
Students use Wikipedia to cheat. It's a well known fact. 
But alarmingly, it's more than you'd expected. 
66% of Higher Education students in the US admitted to cheating, 
and out of that 82% used Wikipedia as the source of plagiarism. 

So we created a code that blocks copying from Wikipedia.
When people try to copy something from a Wikipedia page,
we hit them with three options:


Each option was designed to help in different ways and teach kids,
and even adults the importance of learning.



Art Director: Bruno Calçada
Copywriter: Locki Choi


What if advertisements could pay for part of your shipping costs?

Brands and products get lost inside the packages. None stands out.


When you add a brand or an advertisement to a brown box, you instantly stand out.
This allows brands to reach more costumers, inside their own living environments.


With UPS Sponsored Mail, people shop online at partner stores
and can pay less for their shipping by simply allowing us to add ads to their packages.
All you have to do is select UPS Sponsored mail as your delivering method.


It's that simple.
You will receive the package at your house normally,
the only difference is that it will be branded.

This allow different brands to design packages
the way they want and geo-target consumers.



Creative Director: Iñaki Escudero
Art Director: Bruno Calçada 


Gotham series premiere campaign.


Shocase is the only social network that gives the entire community's ideas, experiences and more. The exclusive gathering place for the brightest minds in marketing. I'm lucky to be part of it as their Freelance Art Director.

Temporary Tattoos design for #ShocaseYourself campaign



Poster for Advertising Week #AWXII



PR Event with Chris Kofinas



Print Ad for Package Design Magazine


Want to join the company of giants? Find out what new and exciting opportunities are available today. Make your first great idea applying to Ogilvy & Mather.






How do you introduce a new company with over 200 years of history?
Chemours "Living Chemistry" TV Commercial. By Ogilvy & Mather New York.



Today’s Intel processors have revolutionized what’s possible with our technology.
They are the key to the faster, sleeker and more powerful devices we love.
We transformed the shopper’s phone into a tool to look inside a device.
The shopper can pan across a device to see engaging, fantastical illustrations of the raw power produced by its Intel processor.

Intel 360 degree.png

Experience DEMO





Emergency preparedness turned into simple games.

Emergency preparedness is something that's easy for people to ignore. 
So instead of being alarmist and preachy, the tone here is light and helpful above all else. 
We created three different games to help you to prepare for emergencies big and small.



Choose important emergency contacts on your phone.
Practice dialing their number. The digits will disappear until you have it memorized.



For the trivia enthusiast:
The survival game tests your emergency preparedness
knowledge to see how long you would last.




Where would we be without our GPS?
This game helps you learn about the world around you.
Play it enough and you won't need to get out your phone constantly to walk anywhere.


And of course you can also share your newly acquired apocalypse survival skills with friends,
or even give someone a major guilt trip when you tell them
you have memorized their phone number.



Creative Director: Adam Sherball
Art Director: Bruno Calçada
Copywriter: Margaret Webber



Seize Opportunity
We took advantage of the repetitive nature of GIFs to show our audience just how frustrating hesitating can be and to inspire them to take action.



Agency: SS+K
CD: Armando Flores
CW: Ryan Hrbek


No Barriers Warriors is a program of No Barriers USA, a non-profit organization, whose mission is to unleash the potential of the human spirit.
The program empowers veterans with disabilities to overcome barriers and unleash their potential. Wells Fargo is the proud sponsor of Warriors To Summits.
It's an honor to serve those who serve our country.


They will overcome their barriers together. That’s the veteran way. We’re proud to sponsor Warriors to Summits –
a No Barriers Warriors experience – and support our veterans as they embark on
three backcountry expeditions to spark change in their lives.







Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 12.26.52 PM.png


Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 12.27.08 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 12.27.21 PM.png




Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 12.26.33 PM.png


M&M'S brought a whole new flavor of fun to New York's Times Square by transforming iconic billboards in the famous square into an innovative, augmented reality experience. The release of the caramel flavor was marked by the nostalgia of arcade games and creation of the ARcade experience. Download Blippar and scan the package to get in the game. 



MMSCaramel_01 (1).jpg


Videos for social:


Campaign Commercial:

Try the experience:



Colgate & Minions created an augmented reality (AR) experience in an effort to make learning and brushing fun for kids. By scanning the Colgate Kids’ Minion products kids using the Blippar app they can play with different activities, including Brushing and Flossing games and a Brush Timer to learn how to brush their teeth.

Scan this image with the Blippar app

Scan this image with the Blippar app



Illumination Entertainment



Jeep Compass & Complexcon
To introduce the new Jeep Compass at Complexcon 2017, we created an AR experience that let people scan the car and see 3D environments in AR. An experience that allowed users to personalize their own AR backgrounds, add video selfies and learn more about the car.


Parked outside the Complexcon building the Jeep team welcomed visitors to try the Augmented Reality experience.


By holding the device to the car, using Blippar's technology, the interactive AR backgrounds would come to life.
Users could go through all the different backgrounds and select the one they wanted to use.


When they were done they could take photos of the background and share them on social media.

They could add a 5 second selfie video to the background to make it their own.





Smart social media network for soccer lovers and beginners.


Kick it is a mobile app that takes the hassle of organizing and coordinating
out of pick-up soccer and enables players across the world to play more. 

Creating the world’s fist social network for the sport. 
We are an active community of players who want to deepen our love for the game.



From professionals to first timers. 
There's a game for everyone.



Find games nearby or wherever you like.



Invite your friends, make more friends and create games.



All coming very soon!



A social project with people on the streets of New York City to tell some of their stories from an unique point of view.


By giving out disposable cameras to people who live on the streets, 
we empowered them with the possibility of telling their side of the story. 


After doing so, we interviewed them and selected their best photos
to be placed on our website and on a public exhibition.
The photos will be sold, and the money will be given back
to the homeless so their lives can get a little better. 


This is an ongoing project currently helping many New Yorkers
and willing to help many more in the future inother cities around the world.  



This is a book that I wrote, it talks about watches, clocks and time.  
It has 100 pages and it contains my own photos, story, layout and design.


Background design promoting my work.
Glances of the Brazilian culture tell my story. 
Award: YCN Design Award 2015


bud light

The Bud Light Factory at SXSW featured a never-before-seen Conductive Ink wall (ink that conducts eletricity) and LED light display that reacted to touch and allowed for creation of real-time remixes.



We created 3 different walls with Conductive ink which is an ink that results in a printed object which conducts electricity. It is typically created by infusing graphite or other conductive materials into ink. We had an average of 50 interactions/hour and 4,500+ unique guests.

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 4.19.26 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 4.19.44 PM.png

Interact with the DJ

Users put on their headphones and turned into DJs that controlled the party beats by touching the different touch points on the wall.

Outdoor walls

While waiting in line to get into the Bud Light Factory, users could interact with our outdoor walls and get a taste of what was about to come!






ThermaCare, AR Heatwraps
When experiencing muscle pain and joint stiffness, consumers may have difficulty identifying which solution is right for them.  
Using augmented reality consumers people can access an interactive 3D models to pinpoint their pain areas that show how ThermaCare works differently. 


Andrea Sabbatini (ACD)